Here are the most frequently asked questions about our rooms.

Is the lessor Digital Hub Region Bonn AG, Rheinwerkallee 6, 53227 Bonn? 

We rent our premises directly to you.

I would like to change or edit my booking or add the flat rate for drinks. How can I do that?

You can easily cancel your booking by clicking on the link in your email and rebook the flat drink.

Are there parking spaces or parking garages? 

Information about parking garages can be found on https://www.parkenambonnerbogen.de/.

Can we get a WLAN access?

WLAN access is included in the price. The password is posted in the hub.

Are sufficient toilets (incl. paper etc.) available?


Will the rooms be handed over to us clean? Do we have to clean them afterwards?

The rooms are handed over clean. Coarse impurities or waste must be disposed of by the tenant. We reserve the right to charge the tenant for the costs of removing gross contamination or waste.

I would like to book the event/meeting room. Do you have pre-fabricated contracts for this?

You can book all our rooms at https://www.digitalhub.de/en/book-rooms/.

Is the lounge included in the room booking?

Yes, the lounge is part of the coworking and is available to all our guests and staff.

Can we use the Lounge exclusively?

No, the lounge is adjacent to the kitchen and is available to all our guests and employees.

Can we get the floor plan of the lounge / event room / meeting room?

You can find the room size in the product descriptions. Unfortunately we cannot send you a floor plan.

What kind of seating do you offer?

The meeting room has 8 seats at one large table. The event room has 3 round tables with 5-6 seats each, as well as 2 high bar tables with 4 stools each. There are more chairs in the event room, which are distributed along the sides. The rooms will be handed over to you in this constellation. If you want to move the chairs or tables, they have to be put back after your visit. We reserve the right to charge you for expenses related to the furniture.

Do the rooms have a beamer? Is the usage integrated?

The use of the beamers is integrated in both the event and the meeting room. The beamers are controlled via HDMI and have integrated speakers. Please bring your adapters if your equipment does not have HDMI.

We need pinboards and flipcharts.

The event room has a large magnetic and writable wall for working. There are two whiteboards in the meeting room. Flipcharts can be provided but we cannot guarantee their availability.

Is it guaranteed that we are undisturbed there?

Please note that the DIGITALHUB.DE is an open coworking space. We will be happy to provide signs to point out your event to other guests, startups and employees.

Do you offer catering or pastries?

We do not offer any form of catering ourselves. If required, we can send you a list of good caterers from the region who are familiar with our premises.

Can we bring our own coffee machines or pastries?

You can always bring your own coffee makers or pastries. You can also bring your own drinks.

What is included in the Getränkeflat and who provides us with it?

The Getränkeflat includes water, tea, coffee and soft drinks. Water, tea and coffee are available in the kitchen. The soft drinks are available in our fridge in the lounge. If you have booked the Getränkeflat, you can simply help yourself.

Do you have enough soft drinks on site?

If you are planning a bigger event and would like to have enough soft drinks, please book our drinks flat rate early. The general availability of soft drinks depends on other events as well as our beverage suppliers.

Are cups included in the Getränkeflat?

The use of crockery such as cups for coffee is generally included in the Getränkeflat.

Do you have enough crockery (glasses/cups/bowls/spoons) for our visit?

Please remember that we are an open coworking space. Our crockery is available to all guests and staff. If you are planning a larger event, ask your caterer for additional dishes.

Do you have milk and sugar with your coffee?

We have office quantities of milk and sugar on site. Please remember that we are an open coworking space and all our guests and staff can use the kitchen.

Can you provide drinks as well as glasses/cups/coasters/spoons/dishes for us in the event/meeting room?

If you have booked the drinks flat you can help yourself to soft drinks and the coffee machine. We have carafes with which you can put up water in the event or meeting room. If you need additional dishes for your event, please contact your caterer. We ourselves hand over the rooms as shown on the pictures.

More questions?

If there are further questions that we could not answer here, please write us here.