Here are the most frequently asked questions about our coworking

Can I eat out in the area?

Yes, the Rohmühle is located just across the coworking area. The chic restaurant with a view of the Rhine is perfect for a business lunch. Otherwise you will find very good lunch offers in the steakhouse Abacco’s or the L’Osteria (2min walk). For a cheap lunch you can visit the canteen of the police or the DLR (4min walking distance).

Will I get a permanent workplace?

We would like to promote communication among the founders, therefore we do not have assigned workplaces. Every day you can choose the place that suits you best. This way you can also secure a quiet workplace if you wish.

Is it possible to make an appointment for a visit?  

Yes, you can reserve a free tour through this link. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Do I get my own key?

Every coworker gets his own access to his cell phone via the Danalock app. For the mailboxes you will get your own key and we have a duplicate key.

What are the opening hours?

At DIGITALHUB.DE you can cowork 24/7!

Are there parking facilities nearby?

We have 2 parking spaces directly in front of the door. If they are occupied, you can park for free on Karl-Duwe-Straße (4 min walking distance). In case of emergency there is also the possibility to park in the parking garage at the Bonner Bogen.

Can I bring visitors or customers with me?


You are welcome to bring guests with you, if it is a longer meeting please book a room.

Are drinks and snacks included?

Beverages, such as coffee (fairtrade and organic), water as well as soft drinks and fruit are included in our premium rate.

Is there a cooking possibility?

In our kitchen there are microwaves to heat up dishes for you. In addition, we have two communal refrigerators that you can use.

Will there be any additional costs?

No. All costs are included in your contribution, there are no hidden costs.

How does it work with my mailbox?

If necessary, you can rent a mailbox from us to open a business address. You will receive a key and we will take care of the mail service. This option is included in all packages.

Which payment methods are available?

You pay the membership by bank transfer to us. You are welcome to set up a standing order so that the money arrives on our account on time by the 3rd working day of each month.

Can I change my tariff?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your tariff at any time.

I have to make a lot of phone calls. Do you mind?

We have many rooms where you can make phone calls in peace.

Can I use the address of DIGITALHUB.DE as my business address?

With the Basic Package you receive the business address and your own post office box including mail service.

Can I have packages sent to the address of DIGITALHUB.DE?

After consultation with the hub team, your packages can be accepted.

Are there basic rules for coworking?

You will receive a house rule when you onboard our coworking.

I would like to work undisturbed, is that possible?

Our meeting rooms are available to every coworker as long as they have not been booked. Here you can work undisturbed.

What happens if I can’t find a place to work?

We have always had sufficient capacity and every coworker had a nice place to work.

How can I book a room?

You can easily book rooms for you and your team on our website.

Who can I contact with questions?

Usually our reception is manned, there you will find a contact person for all your questions. Alternatively, you can contact our hub team, we ourselves are involved in coworking and are happy to help you wherever we can.

Are computers available?

Each desk is equipped with its own monitor and WLAN.

More questions?

If there are further questions that we could not answer here, please write us here.

Promotional project

The DIGITAL HUB REGION BONN is a project supported by Digital Economy NRW (#DWNRW).
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