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Can relevant contacts be made within the program?

Yes, relevant contacts from our circle of partners and shareholders will act as pilot customers and our broad network of investors will provide you with capital. You will also come into contact with more than 20 startup teams and, of course, a large number of coworkers and event participants.

Where does my startup have to come from?

We focus on startups from the Cologne/Bonn region, but are also happy to support nationwide startups!

What does HUBGRADE offer?

We offer you four main pillars:

  1. coworking in modern spaces,
  2. various accelerator contents such as mentoring, a variety of workshops, individual counselling appointments and 1:1 consultation hours,
  3. great events such as DemoDay and placements at trade fairs organised by partners and the network of over 35 partners and shareholders
  4. funding (both through the Hub and BAs + VCs in our community).

How does the application process work?

Our application process starts with the submission of your application via our form at https://digitalhubde.typeform.com/to/peeQvU9d?typeform-source=www.digitalhub.de. If you have piqued our interest with your business idea, we invite you to pitch to our team. But there will always be feedback! After the pitch, there will be a screening call with our accelerator team and a pitch in front of a jury of experts. Afterwards, if you have convinced us, we will accept you into our Accelerator program.

Does my startup have to sell shares?

With us, you and your startup take centre stage. We are happy to support you and do not charge any fees or company shares for your participation. Our participation option is intended to serve as a sales tool for you and enable the hub to continue to support you financially after the programme.


When & how can I work?

Every coworker gets their own access to their mobile phone via the Danalock app. You will receive your own key for the mailboxes and we have a second key. You can work 24/7 in coworking.

How does it work with my mailbox and business address?

If required, you can rent a post-office box from us to open a business address. You will receive a key and we will take care of the mail service. This option is included in all packages. The Basic package also gives you a business address and your own PO box including mail service. Your parcels can be accepted after consultation with the Hub team.

Is it possible to make a viewing appointment?

Yes, you can book a free viewing. We look forward to seeing you!

Can I bring visitors or customers?

Visitors may only be received during business hours Monday to Friday from 09:00-18:00. Visitors may only stay in the lounge area. A maximum of 5 visitor hours are available per membership per month. A maximum of one person may be registered within one visitor hour. The visitor period depends on the business hours.

What about food and drinks?

Drinks such as coffee (fairtrade and organic), water, soft drinks and fruit are included in our premium rate. We also have microwaves in our kitchen for you to heat up meals. We also have two communal fridges that you can use.

Room booking

What do I have to consider if I want to receive visitors?

Your visit must be registered in advance with the coworking team and may only be received during business hours (Mon-Fri from 09:00-18:00). Visitors may only stay in the lounge area. A maximum of 5 hours per month is available for visits per membership. A maximum of one person may be registered within one hour.

When do I have access to the offices?

You have access during business hours (Mon-Fri from 09:00 a.m. -6:00 p.m.). If you would like to use it outside of these hours, you can also book Tapkey access. This gives you 24/7 access. Please note that we can only issue this during business hours.

What do the rooms look like?

The room size can be found in the product descriptions. You are welcome to come by and have a look at the premises in advance. You can book an appointment here:: https://calendly.com/digitalhub-de/raumbesichtigung
Both a projector and a large monitor are available in the conference rooms and can be booked for an additional charge. If you need a flipchart, a pin board or a presentation case, please indicate this in your booking under "Additional options" and we will provide these for the day you have booked.

How do I get to the CITYHUB/RHEINHUB?

To CITYHUB: The Central Station and access to all public transportation are directly opposite. Our entrance is at the entrance to the gym.
To RHINEHUB: By tram (line 66 or 62 to the “Ramersdorf” stop), by bus (line 606 to the “Konrad-Zuse-Platz” stop) or by car (A562 exit towards “Bonn-Beuel-Süd/Bonn-Oberkassel”, follow "Landgrabenweg", take "Joseph-Schumpeter-Allee" to "Rheinwerkallee")

You will receive an email with Tapkey access to open the door and enter the premises. Please always check the spam folder in this regard;).

Do you offer catering?

We are not a catering company and only provide the rooms, but not our own catering service! However, we can arrange an external catering company for you. Please contact us in good time so that we can coordinate this with the relevant service provider. Let us know the time, number of participants, whether hot or cold catering, etc.

Startup Open Air

What is that SOA?

The abbreviation SOA stands for Startup Open Air and refers to the one-day event where networking, innovative ideas and fun come together. Startups, speakers, experts and people interested in founding come together in 7 different areas to network, inspire and learn from each other in an open-air summer atmosphere with musical highlights. In recent years, the SOA was still called "Summer Slam". With the term "Startup Open Air", we want to allude to the content of the event: An open-air event for the entire startup ecosystem. Compared to previous years, however, it's not just the name that's new. The event program has been expanded to include a workshop and tech area, a pre-opening with the top 20 startup exhibitors and investors and cyber security pitches.

Where can I find all the information I need?

On our SOA website at https://soa.digitalhub.de/

Who is SOA suitable for?

For everyone! No matter whether you are an expert, a founder, someone interested in founding a company or someone who is completely new to this field. There's something for everyone here! For young or old!

Where can I buy my ticket?

You can buy your ticket here.

How can I always get the latest information about SOA?

Sign up for the event list of our newsletter and follow our SOA instagram and linkedin channel, then you won't miss anything!

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